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Refinery29: See the 67%

See The 67%

Refinery29 just made my day with their brand new campaign / statement: ‘See the 67%’. The website is taking a stand for plus size women. They only have about 27 million unique visitors every month, so you can see why this is a pretty big deal. Read More

The All Woman Project

All Woman Project

Every now and then magic happens. To me The All Woman Project is just that: magic. I’m so excited to see a campaign like this. Diversity is really important to me. Another thing to love: no retouching. Bye bye Photoshop! I did a quick Q&A with one of the firestarters Clémentine Desseaux…

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Thursday Thunder: Julie Henderson

Julie Henderson

‘True confidence is not needing approval from anyone’

It’s Thursday! Time for some thunder! As you’ve probably noticed I’m a big fan of the ALDA Women collective. Julie Henderson is one of the five models whose goal it is to empower women and change the perception of beauty. I love their message and I am very excited to feature Julie today! This curly goddess has been modeling for 13 years and lives in Brooklyn New York. On The Publisized she shares her boost of thunder, talks about what ALDA Women means to her and how important it is for women to put self care first.

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Thursday Thunder: Wilnise


‘Healthy bodies equal self-love no matter the size’

It’s here: the newest ‘Thursday Thunder’. My way of applauding women I find inspiring. Sharing ‘Thunder’ comes down to sharing thoughts on body positivity, confidence, self-love and anything related. This week Wilnise shares hers. She’s a pediatric nurse from Florida who has a passion for wellness and beautification of the feminine form. Every time I see her pictures on Instagram I smile back. Her energy is beautiful. And her words are too…

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Research about body confidence: The heartbreaking truth

research body confidence

How do you feel about your body? The American Glamour compared their research from 30 years ago with the answers of their readers today. Guess what? We’re less happy today…
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Two decades of dieting (and feeling like sh*t)


I was 11 when I first started dieting. My body suddenly got curvy and I was like: Excuse me? Where did my ribs go? Read More

How to like yourself

how to like yourself

I want to share with you a couple of ways to feel better about yourself. Remember everything takes time but small steps are steps too. Don’t think the way you handle things is not good enough, because it is. When you look at yourself in a loving and kind way and learn how to like yourself, life literally gets easier. Pinky promise.
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Dove: what’s your mom’s legacy?


When it comes to body positivity our moms play an important part in the way we look at ourselves. I believe that a mom with a positive body image helps to set a solid foundation for a child’s body image. That’s why I really like this short video from Dove.

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