Refinery29: See the 67%

See The 67%

Refinery29 just made my day with their brand new campaign / statement: ‘See the 67%’. The website is taking a stand for plus size women. They only have about 27 million unique visitors every month, so you can see why this is a pretty big deal.

So what’s up with that number? 67% sounds like a lot. And it is. That’s why it’s so great that an influential brand like Refinery29 is putting this out there. More images of plus size women. More diversity. More changes to come. Initiatives like See the 67% are so important.

Numbers don’t lie. 67% of American women are a size 14 and up, but research shows that only 1-2% of the images they get to see in the media is a reflection of their size.


Refinery’s ‘See the 67%’ campaign is all about this ‘invisible majority’. I love me some size diversity, so I’m beyond excited about this bold statement. The launch of the campaign is this week and during the next seven days Refinery29 will make sure that 67% of the images on their website will be of women size 14 and up. On their website Refinery29 shared a cool video with some inspiring statements like ‘Plus size women are stepping out of the niche and into the norm’ and ‘It’s not just about fashion, it’s about representation’. I LOVE IT!

See the 67

And it doesn’t stop there. The last half year the people behind the brand have been working hard to add to the change and make sure that you get to see the 67% a lot more. They have been shooting stock images and have redesigned illustrations. Another cool part of the campaign? They are collaborating with Getty Images. All the pictures will also be available for other websites, brands and magazines. You can check out the collection here.

Their main goal with ‘See the 67%’ is closing the representation gap. That freaking gap is a size XXXXXXXL but with initiatives like this, I’m sure that we’ll get to a better place one day. Hopefully one day soon! You can be part of the ‘See the 67%’ campaign too. Simply use the hashtag #SeeThe67 on social media. Be seen and be part of this much needed change.

Bikini image of Dounia made by Rockie Nolan 



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