Gabi Fresh is back!

gabi fresh

When I woke up way too early this morning I saw the first image of the new Gabi Fresh Swim Sexy collection for Swimsuits for All. I love Gabi and her style so I obviously had to share the new campaign on the blog!

Every time Gabi Fresh launches a new collection I feel like I need to be on the beach asap! She’s presented as ‘Queen of The Bikini’ and I won’t argue with that. This lady is hella hot! And her bikinis and swimsuits work well on curvy bodies.

Last year I bought one of the bikinis from first collection and showed it off on the Dominican Republic during a much needed holiday. I felt super comfortable in it. And I loved the white and green leaf print.

This time the green bathing suit is my fav. That suit is straight up sexy! And what about that green kaftan dress? Can you tell I have a thing for green? Ghe. There no shame in my love for green game.

What is your favourite piece?

Follow #GabiFreshxSwimSexy to see the items on women around the world.

Make sure to check out the campaign video below!
gabi fresh

gabi freshgabi fresh



  1. Chrystal

    Via welke website heb je t gekocht?? Ik zoek namelijk ook leuke bikini’s.. heb al jaren niet gezwommen omdat ik me schaam.. time for some change

    • Kijk eens bij Swimsuitsforall, daar heb ik ‘m vandaan. Ook ASOS en Forever21 hebben leuke bikini’s. Verder heeft Monki ook hoge broekjes (ik pas daar de L en heb maat 48). En ik heb ook wat losse topjes van Wehkamp. Hoop dat je hier iets aan hebt. Een mooie bikini helpt zeker met je beter voelen op ’t strand. <3

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