Curvy Girl Fever #ImMyOwnBodyGoals

Curvy Girl Fever

Ever since I discovered Curvy Girl Fever on Instagram I loved the movement. Firestarter Clevona recently launched #ImMyOwnBodyGoals. And I just needed to spread this important message!

Clevona, can you share something about yourself: who are you and what inspires you in life?
“I like to consider myself a young entrepreneur and creative, an outgoing introvert, a complexed woman in every way. What inspires me? Umm I kind of draw inspiration from everything, every struggle, every encounter, I just learn from it and grow. My biggest inspiration in life has always been myself, my mother and brother although they drive me crazy (got to love em), and the connections I make along the way.”

What is Curvy Girl Fever and what inspired you to start this movement?
“CURVY GIRL FEVER is an LLC. Based in Florida where I reside. The company started as a simple social media hashtag in Oct. 2015 (#CurvyGirlFever) fast forward until now it is a full fledge business and movement to promote body positivity and women empowerment. I started the movement because I wanted to showcase the diverse beauty of women. I want women to truly feel good about themselves physically, mentally, and emotionally. I just want my ladies to be okay!”

‘I’m my own body goals, not because I’m perfect by any means but I’ve learned to embrace and love myself for all that I am’ – Curvy Girl Fever

What’s the idea behind ‘I am my own body goals’? 
“I came up with the concept for the ‘I’m My Own Body Goals’ movement/collection when I constantly saw (#Goals or #BodyGoals) floating around the internet. I loved the idea but I still kind of cringed whenever I saw how many women were wishing they looked like someone else. Me being myself I just thought ‘hmm, I’m My Own Body Goals’ not because I’m perfect by any means but I’ve learned to embrace and love myself for all that I am. I want to spread this message with other women. Like hey,. It’s okay to be your own body goals.”

Curvy Girl Fever
What’s the most valuable lesson you’ve learned about self-love?

“Most valuable lesson that I’ve learned thus far is that this thing is no joke. Digging deep within you to deal with those inner insecurities and deep rooted issues take time. I can’t explain the joy you feel when you decide that you’re worth your own love. It varies from day to day, you’ll still have those days where you feel like you look like a hot mess but you won’t dwell on it. Ultimately you’ll know your worth when you begin to love yourself as a whole. Most importantly you won’t tolerate being treated as anything less.”

Best advice someone ever gave you about self-acceptance? 
“The best advice I’ve received about self-acceptance was the advice I gave myself when I decided to start CURVY GIRL FEVER. I told myself that you can’t show other women how to love and accept theirselves until you fully love and accept who you are. This was a crucial moment for me because I had to face myself and deal with everything that I’ve been running from for so long.”

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