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Badadadaboem: Gabi Fresh knocks ’em all out

Gabi Fresh

So it’s Winter. I’m in hibernation mode. And in comes Gabi Fresh and her new collection for Swimsuits for All. Today her pictures literally broke the internet. Her site could barely handle all the traffic.

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Thursday Thunder: Olivia Campbell

Olivia Campbell

“Confidence is infectious”

Every Thursday a woman I find inspiring –or just damn hot- shares her ‘Thunder’ on The Publisized. And by thunder I mean her view on self-love, body positivity and confidence –or anything related. There are a lot of Queens out there and this is my way of applauding them. Women should uplift other women, that’s all I’m saying. I came across this gorgeous lady on Instagram: Olivia Campbell. A model and stylist from London. Check her out and read her powerful message. Be warned: you might fall in love.

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