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After not blogging for a while this is my second post in just a couple of days and there’s a good reason for it: I get to give away 5 x 2 tickets to the Glamour Health Challenge on June 18 where you can meet & greet … Ashley Graham. Say what?!

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Generation Glamour!

Glamour Mayra Louise

I’m featured in the Dutch Glamour, and I’m super excited! In the interview I talk about why I started The Publisized. I love the picture made by Jolijn Snijders and it’s great to look at myself and read my own story. I’m a proud woman today!

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Research about body confidence: The heartbreaking truth

research body confidence

How do you feel about your body? The American Glamour compared their research from 30 years ago with the answers of their readers today. Guess what? We’re less happy today…
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