Interview: Feliciana Cacciapuoti


‘It’s scary to share things that are really close to your heart

Meet Feliciana Cacciapuoti. A 22 year old singer/songwriter and performing artist from The Netherlands who lives in Rotterdam. I bumped into her online and her vibe made me so curious I decided to interview her.
She decribes herself as someone who is obsessed with art, music and food. Feliciana: “I’m a weirdo, I love to express myself creatively and wouldn’t wanna do anything else. I’m a lover, sister, friend and daughter. I have a close group of people around me that I care for and love dearly. I am loved and most of all happy.”


‘This is the first time I will be sharing songs and lyrics like these’

She has been into music since… forever. Her mom told her she was dancing and singing along to 4 Non Blondes’ ‘What’s Up’ when she was just three years old. She’d even put on a similar hat. At nine years old she joined an R&B choir, started going to musical school and took private singing classes. Feliciana: “When I was 11 I began writing my first songs in English. Which was pretty cool. Looking back my English wasn’t that great, but hey, I tried. Nowadays I draw inspiration from my personal experiences, movies, paintings, poems and stories. My own repetoire is mostly inspired by R&B, hiphop and pop music wise. When it comes to the lyrics it’s about my frustrations, my pain, my love and my feelings.” In the beginning of next year she will release her first and very personal mini-album ‘Meraki’. “I normally write these types of songs just to express myself when I’m feeling down or when something in my life isn’t going so great. This is the first time I will be sharing songs and lyrics like these. Some of them are about my frustration as an independent artist, my health issues and how I never want to be depressed again. But there are also songs like ‘Forever’ and ‘Real Deal’ about the love for my fiance. I’m excited and nervous for the release. It’s scary to share things that are really close to your heart.”


‘It will give you so much peace and freedom if you just go with the flow’

A Good Place
The past three years Feliciana has been dealing with some health issues. “I’ve been struggling with my uterus and had very weird symptoms such as irregular mentruations, intense cramps and heavy blood loss – and all of this on birth control. Being in multiple hospitals and no doctor being able to help you is very frustrating. I underwent painful tests and wrong speculations. Thinking about having kids and every option out there is a lot for a 22 year old, emotionally and physically.” The stress about her health and the pressure she put on herself to succeed resulted in a depression. “I felt like I wasn’t strong enough to get through everything. The people around me helped me a lot. I also started meditating, taking time off and started this spiritual journey I am on to help me get back to basics. To me it was merely changing my perspective that needed to be done. It is really hard to let go of the fact that you want to know everything that is happening, and why you have to go through every bad event in your life. But it will give you so much peace and freedom if you just go with the flow, that’s what I’ve learned. I am happy to say that I am in a good place now.”


‘Food equals comfort and happiness for me at times’

Comfort Food
Body positivity is still a process for the half Italian and half Dutch singer. “I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been. I used to be a size 8/10. Food is a struggle: I love to cook and sit around a big table and wine and dine with friends. In my culture we express our love with food. I’m working on my own cookbook as well – releasing this is goal I really want to accomplish one day. I basically love everything about food but what I don’t like is letting myself go too much. I have to contain myself sometimes. When I feel down or sad I tend to grab, or make, comfort food. Which isn’t healthy to do for weeks or even months. Food equals comfort and happiness for me at times. This year has been emotional for me so it all makes sense that I weigh a lot more than I usually do.”
During the years she’s tried every type of diet out there. Currently she’s juicing and has cut out all dairy and carbs from her lifestyle. “I wanted to detox from all the medicines and, roughly said, the BS in my body. I started with a 7-day detox – check out the documentary ‘Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead’ for more information. I love and accept my curvy body but I want to get healthy and most of all feel better. I’ve been doing some research about food (another tip: the documentary ‘Forks over Knives’) and up till now I feel amazing. I try to work out two to three times a week, since I am still recovering.”


‘There’s nothing wrong with thick thighs and a full round butt’

Not Your Average Joe
Feliciana has always been a curvy girl but hasn’t always been proud of her body. It changed because of how curvy girls are represented these days. As if it’s not a taboo anymore. She does feel that the image of the curvy girl is not ‘real’. The thick thighs, big butts and boobies combined with a really tiny waist and a flat stomach and no trace of cellulite don’t seem to be what most volupteous women see when they look into a mirror. Dressing and flaunting her curves is something Feliciana loves to do though. “I will never be a size 0, and that’s okay. I’m wearing a size 12 and sometimes 14. There’s nothing wrong with thick thighs and a full round butt. I experiment with fashion. I love the mens’ department and usually borrow pieces from my fiance’s closet. An example outfit? High waisted leggings with a bustier, an oversized denim jacket and loads of gold jewelry. Maybe add a beanie or snapback and always some cool sneakers.” She loves to combine very feminine pieces with oversized manly items. If you’ll go shopping with her she will take you to Topshop, H&M, Monki, Primark and vintage stores. “I don’t like to wear pieces you see on the average Joe. That’s what I love about vintage: they’ll only have on piece of everything in those shops. I also like to customize and cut shirts into crop tops or apply DIY methods to make old pieces look cool again.”


‘Sometimes your own opinions and thoughts are so much worse than how other people see us’

Last but not least: What’s Feliciana’s advice when it comes to loving yourself?
“You are beautiful. Do not bring yourself down. Do not weigh yourself on a daily basis. Look at yourself in the mirror, fully nude and no make-up, and try to see the things you do like about yourself. Start this process of accepting. When you tell yourself that you are beautiful and that you are happy every day, you’ll eventually believe you are. Sometimes your own opinions and thoughts are so much worse than how other people see us. And trust me, there are a lot of people out that that will love you just the way you are.”

‘Forever’ is her latest video

Photo credits: Juliane Falk

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