Hello challenge: momlife & working out …

Mayra Louise - sporten combineren gezin

Honestly, I thought this month would have been different than it turned out to be. It was freaking hard to incorporate working out into mom life . Because baby’s don’t care about your work out plans … 

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This month I worked out less than did during the Fit for Free collaboration when I was still on maternity leave. Back then, in September, my body was less strong and healed than it is now. But I wasn’t working so it was a lot easier for me to stick to my work out plans.

Mayra Louise - Sporten als moeder

The only thing that works for me when it comes to going to the gym is scheduling as much potential work out moments as possible throughout the week. That isn’t easy to combine with my boyfriend’s working schedule. But if I have four work out moments planned, chances are that I’ll actually go half of the time. So to me that’s pretty good.

The most important tip I can give other moms that struggle with this too is: plan your work outs weekly. Make time for gym sessions. What I love about following classes is the fact that they take just an hour and the instructor motivates you to keep going. Don’t be too hard on yourself when things go differently and working out simply isn’t an option. It’s all good. 

sporten combineren moederschap

Isameya doesn’t go to daycare a lot. From March she’ll start going twice a week. That gives me a new opportunity to work on my blog on Mondays and besides that work out on that day too. But since Isameya is home a lot I’m not very flexible. When I have a hard day with her – translation: she doesn’t sleep well during the day – I have to skip my work out to make time to write for my clients when Stefano’s is back home. When that happens it really helps me to have other options for a gym sessions. I’ll just say to myself: No prob, I’ll train (the day after) tomorrow. No need to get stressy or feel bad about it. 

My moms stays with us to babysit every other week so I always plan a work out when she’s here because her presence makes it possible for me to actually leave the house. I’m not a planner but momlife is making it impossible for me to go to the gym spontaneously.

This month I decided that I want to start working out with a personal trainer to make sure that I get the most out of my workouts. This happens to be a trainer that already works with several people at my gym. I know that personal training is too expensive for a lot of people but maybe you can share one with a couple of friends. Or just go once a month and work out on your own based on what you learn during the sessions with your trainer.

Mayra Louise - sporten combineren gezinsleven

Besides this I will also join in on classes in the park. I hope that I can spark my training sessions by giving myself a lot of opportunities. Long term I really want to make sure that working out becomes part of my week and self-care. I will keep you posted …

I hope that I have been able to inspire you this month. It really doensn’t matter how fit, fat, sportive or skinny you are. Just go to the gym and don’t worry about what people may think. Everybody has their own motivation to work out. Whatever yours is, if you want to work out, the gym has room for you too.

Keep on shining,


Pictures: Aline Bouma

This post was written in collaboration with Fit for Free. All opinions are my own.




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