After not blogging for a while this is my second post in just a couple of days and there’s a good reason for it: I get to give away 5 x 2 tickets to the Glamour Health Challenge on June 18 where you can meet & greet … Ashley Graham. Say what?!

Although I will be very very very pregnant and about to pop on June 18th I simply have to be there. I’ve made a deal with my baby, she promised to stay put for a little while longer … The Glamour Health Challenge is all about cool workouts, having a good time and feeling happy about yourself no matter the size you have. Ashley will be there to share her workout secrets and demonstrate them with her personal trainer. You’ll also have the chance to buy her book -there is limited stock though- and do a little meet & greet with the curvy supermodel.

Glamour Health Challenge

Ashley is not the only fun part of the day. You can do an actual workout while DJ’s are droppin’ tunes like it’s hot, catch your breath at the oxygen bar and go all out in a zork ball. And if you need any tips on food and yummyness Rens Kroes is there to tell you all about it. You also have the chance to meet Anna Nooshin -what’s not to love about her? And as if this is not enough of course I will be there with a massive baby bump and a ton of other body positive bloggers like Marianne Nykjaer, Edith Dohmen (StyleHasNoSize), Josine Wille (The Bigger Blog) and Saskia Olivieira (The Curvy Chapter).

Glamour Health Challenge

I get to give away 5 duo tickets so that you can sweat, chill and have lots of fun at the Glamour Health Challenge. What I need you to do is comment on my Instagram or Facebook and tag the friend you want to take with you. Simply let me know why you two have to be there and I will pick the winners this week.

Rather buy your own tickets? You can get them here. Want to know more about the event? Go check out this article on the Glamour website.

Ashley is currently featured on the cover of Glamour US. This is a fun little video about the shoot.

Hope to see you in two weeks!

Keep on shining,


Photographs from Glamour US by Nathaniel Goldberg



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