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Worklife has changed drastically since I became a mother. My trick to combine everything? Self-care. My collaboration with Glaceau Smartwater allowed me to reflect on that. And this is what I discovered …

Lees je dit stuk liever in het Nederlands? Kan gewoon … 

Glaceau Smartwater turned out to be more than a refreshing thirst quencher for me. I took a close look at my self-care for this collab: How well do I care for myself during the day? The conclusion? Mommy should give herself some more attention …

My self-care rituals such as long evening walks, painting and writing in my diary have fallen into the background. I am happy -and proud LOL – when I manage to be showered before lunch time. Yup, all clichés are true: as a mother you tend to forget yourself completely.

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Freelancing & irregular shifts
I will be the first to admit it: combining motherhood and work life is a challenge. I’ve always been a freelancer and apart from two office days for my regular customers, I work at the most diverse times and places. Stefano, my boyfriend, has work that comes with irregular shifts too, so not one week is the same for our little family.

My first book contract
I recently signed my first book contract, one of my biggest dreams, but this asks for some serious commitment too. My daughter is my number one motivation: I want to be the example for her that I missed when I was young. I now have to make room to write the book, so we have decided that from next month Isameya will go to day care on Fridays too. This means I can write on Friday and cuddle her non-stop in the weekend. Self-care to me also is making sure you can do the things you want to do.

It’s the little things …
My self-care has not been at a high level since the birth of Isameya. Still, I try to create more and more small moments for myself and to get some energy. A few examples:
● Reading half an hour before I go to bed;
● Doing some exercises on a sports mat during Isameya’s morning sleep;
● Going to the cinema on my own;
● Taking time for a morning coffee after I have dropped Isameya at day care:
● Say “No” to things I don’t feel like doing.

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I don’t know how she does it
As a new mom, if you ask me, it is very important not to expect too much of yourself. It takes a lot of getting used to and all the moments that you can free yourself, are top notch. I said during an event yesterday: “I am not the woman that makes you think ‘I don’t know how she does it’. But that’s not what I aim to be. I first dropped everything and now I pick things up one by one. And that’s how I gradually find my own rhythm.”

Water supply
Back to the self-care we were just talking about … Staying hydrated is of course a prerequisite if you combine momlife and writer life. How I manage to stay well hydrated? There is water everywhere in our home. Not only in the fridge, but also on my bedside table and on my desk. With a bottle of water for the taking, I know for sure that I drink enough. When all kids are with us, I often leave a few hours to do some work. Even then I always order water. And when I go out with that little one, there is not only a bottle for the baby in the diaper bag but also one for mommy.

Make it work 
The deadline for my book is the beginning of next year. Sitting back a lot is not for me. But that’s okay. If someone motivates me to create something beautiful, Isameya is. Where can you find me the next coming months? Behind my laptop, with a large water supply on the side …

Glaceau Smartwater 2 - Mayra Louise

You don’t need me to tell you that drinking water is important. This can be done from the tap at home, but especially when you are on the road a bottle of water can be a godsend. I am grateful for the collab with Glaceau Smartwater because it is a good reminder for me that as a mother I also have to take good care of myself. And as a big water lover, I think it’s great fun to discover a brand that has just been launched in The Netherlands. The bottles are bottled locally with water from De Wildert, a mineral water source in Brabant. You may wonder why it is called ‘smartwater’. Well, this water is inspired by the water cycle. Water vapor is distilled, so that every drop is as pure as the very first raindrop. This is how the water gets that supercrisp flavor. It really stands out when you drink it cooled. That’s exactly how I prefer to drink Glaceau Smartwater.

Do you drink enough water every day? And have you already spotted and tasted Glaceau Smartwater? I’m curious!

Keep on shining,

Mayra Louise

I wrote this post in collaboration with Glaceau Smartwater. Of course, it is completely based on my own opinion and experiences.

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