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Fashion Nova Curve - Bondage Dress - Mayra Louise

Fashion Nova Curve has been in my Instagram feed for a long time now. I love the fact that it is a very size inclusive brand. So when they asked me if I wanted to try out some of their clothes and join the gang of Novababes, I got really excited!

My struggle with international shopping is always sizing. When I was picking out some things on the Fashion Nova website I found it really hard to figure out what size to choose. The size chart said: 3X for my hips. But a lot of stuff would be way too big in a 3X for my upper body.

Eventually I orderded a jumpsuit, striped pants and a knitted bodycon dress from the Fashion Nova Curve collection. My order arrived after about two weeks. Turned out only the dress, a 1X, fitted me properly. Because of this I got to pick a couple of other things.

I’ve added the links of all the products in the texts. Because you will get lost on the Fashion Nova site, they have so much stuff!

Fashion Nova Curve - Jumpsuit review - Mayra Louise

I went for a strapless bodycon dress, jeans, striped stretchy pants, a denim jacket and an army jumpsuit. Below I share all the looks, my sized and my tips when you find yourself in a shopping mood …


This dress is superstretchy. It’s a heavier, knitted fabric. Super comfy! I got it in a size 1X but could have easily gone a size smaller. If you have a smaller size on your upper body, go for that size. It will be stretchy enough to fit your hips.

Fashion Nova Curve - Picked Perfect Striped Dress - Mayra Louise


Oh I love this one so much! Unfortunately I should have gone one size up. I got this velvet piece in a size 2X. I thought: It’s stretchy so it will fit. And that is true,it fits … but it’s too tight on my stomach. I can get into the suit without any struggles, but a 3X would have been a better look. So for this look my advice definitely is: shop for your hip size.

Fashion Nova Curve - Velvet Vixen Jumpsuit - Mayra Louise


Such a cute jacket, looking forward to wearing it in Spring! I got it in a size 1X and it fits perfectly. It is still a bit oversized, a look I really like. When I combined it with the green strapless dress I put the jacket in a knot. This made it look like it was a short denim blouse. It a non-stretchy fabric so for this one I would say: just follow the size chart.

Fashion Nova Curve - Talk That Talk Denim Jacket - Mayra Louise

Fashion Nova Curve - Bondage Dress - Plus size - Review - Mayra Louise


Hello figure hugger! If you like to put yourself – and your body – out there, this is the dress for you. It’s super stretchy but also really tight. I’m wearing a size 2X. The dress really holds your body tight, like a firm hug. I love the way my shape comes out in this dress. The strapless top didn’t work for me so I paired this dress up with the denim jacket. Made it look a bit more edgy. I think it’s a damn good look.


I figured the fabric of this jumpsuit would be non-stretchy but –surprise!- it actually is quite stretchy. I got a size 3X but could have easily went for a 2X. The upper part is very oversized for my body, but this way it look pretty cool too! I still need to get a big belt to give it a bit more of a stylish look. But you know, momlife 😉

Fashion Nova Curve - Obeying Orders Jumpsuit 3X - Mayra Louise

Fashion Nova Curve - Obeying Orders Jumpsuit - Mayra Louise 



I couldn’t decide what size to pick. Eventually I went for a size 2X … and now I wish I would have picked a 3X. The pants are superstretchy but since the fabric is quite thin it would look nicer in a size up. Nonetheless I love the happy colours! And … it’s super comfy.

Fashion Nova Curve - Review Plus Size - Mayra Louise

Fashion Nova Curve - Helene Stripe Pants - Mayra Louise


As you can see, it takes some time to find your perfect size match at Fashion Nova curve. The collection is so big, there are so many different styles and shapes that it simply takes some time to figure out what fits you best.

I have a size 16/18 (46/48 EU) on my upper body and a size 20/22 (50/52 EU) on my hips. My advice?

• Knitted and stretchy dresses: get them in your smallest size. The 1X was perfect for me. If the fabric is a bit thicker like the green dress I got, I would go in between. I got a size 2X and it fits my body like a glove;
• Pants are tricky. For my body I would go for a 3X for now. Especially if they have limited or no stretch. The striped pants I got is superstretchy but in a size 3X it would still fit my waist;
• Jumpsuits are the hardest! Even though I could have gotten a size smaller for the army suit, I would still suggest to shop jumpsuits based on your biggest size. Unless, it really is supa dupa stretchy;
• Jeans: I ordered one in a size 2X. It almost fit, LOL! The fabric is superstretchy but the shape is really for hourglass figures. So a size 3X would fit my hips but also my much smaller waist because of all the stretch in the denim.

A final tip: always check the reviews below the articles, they are really helpfull!

Fashion Nova Curve - Velvet Vixen - Mayra Louise


Last but not least, I have a 20% Fashion Nova discount code for you. Simply use ‘MayraL’ at the checkout. Fashion Nova has lots of promo codes every now and then, so keep an eye out on their Instagram too!

Keep on shining loves,





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