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Glaceau Smartwater: my little self-care reminder

Glaceau smartwater blog

Worklife has changed drastically since I became a mother. My trick to combine everything? Self-care. My collaboration with Glaceau Smartwater allowed me to reflect on that. And this is what I discovered …
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Your ultimate bikini body guide

bikini body guide - mayra louise

Summer started early this year. Did you struggle with your body the last few days because you do not have a bikini body? No worries. With this one-of-a-kind plan you have the perfect bikini body within 24 hours. This is what you have to do. Read More

Fashion Nova Curve shopping tips + promo code

Fashion Nova Curve - Bondage Dress - Mayra Louise

Fashion Nova Curve has been in my Instagram feed for a long time now. I love the fact that it is a very size inclusive brand. So when they asked me if I wanted to try out some of their clothes and join the gang of Novababes, I got really excited!

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Hello challenge: momlife & working out …

Mayra Louise - sporten combineren gezin

Honestly, I thought this month would have been different than it turned out to be. It was freaking hard to incorporate working out into mom life . Because baby’s don’t care about your work out plans … 

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My birth story

Mijn bevallingsverhaal - Mayra Louise

The last couple of months I’ve felt the urge to write down my birth story and it’s finally here! Honestly Isameya’s birth was pretty quick but this turned out to be a long read … So get yourself some tea, cuddle up and share your experience in the comments. I’d love to read all about it!

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Exercise after pregnancy: Mayra gets fit(-ish)

fit for free

Every now and then I get requests for cool collaborations on my Instagram. This one with Fit for Free was oh so perfectly timed!

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After not blogging for a while this is my second post in just a couple of days and there’s a good reason for it: I get to give away 5 x 2 tickets to the Glamour Health Challenge on June 18 where you can meet & greet … Ashley Graham. Say what?!

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