Month: December 2015

Why I killed my blog (and brought it back to life again)

blog the publisized

If at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again. Well the good news: I’m back. The bad news: it’s a rocky road. I think this is going to be the most personal post so far. And I have to warn you: it’s not uplifting, but it will be honest.

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River Island is launching a plus size collection

Yay! Good news! In March 2016 River Island is launching a plus size collection.

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Curves on Maxim Magazine

maxim magazine

I really like the Aussies when it comes to showing curvy women some love. I feel like they are always on point. Curves on covers and in editorials? Down under they are on top of this! I’m excited about the Maxim cover with the gorgeous Fiona Falkiner!

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My beach body- part II

beach body

Do you remember my bikini post from earlier this year? I shared my path to a beach body. It took me about twenty years to figure this one out: we all have a beach body. It’s nice and empowering to draw a conclusion like that but as long as you’re not in a bikini on a beach you’re not practising what you preach. So I felt like my post needed some real life proof. The half naked on a beach kinda proof.

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