Month: January 2015

Ashley Graham for SwimsuitsforAll & Addition Elle

Ashley Graham

Okay, I’m drooling. Not one but two video teasers with one of my favorite models, the amazing Ashley Graham. Her face. Her body. She’s just divine. I’m a little Ashley obsessed and will feature her a lot more. I’m pretty sure you will not mind at all…
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Thursday Thunder: Briana Nichols

Briana Nichols

‘I am beautiful and that’s it, nobody can tell me otherwise’

It’s Thursday again! So you know what’s up. A couple of days ago I was snooping around on Instagram and bumped into the picture above. I loved it instantly. I immediately wanted to know more about this lady. Briana Nichols is a 23-year-old student from Southern California. She’s been modeling for half a year now. I asked her to share her boost of thunder on the blog, and she has some powerful stuff to say…

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ALDA Women for BUST Magazine

ALDA Women

‘Changing what’s going on in fashion is going to end up changing the world’

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The bigger picture: Tess Munster

Tess Munster

‘It’s about loving your body regardless of your size’

The internet is buzzing: five days ago 29-year-old Tess Munster, professionally known as Tess Holliday, announced that she got signed at Milk Management. She’s been an phenomenon for a couple of years already but the fact that she’s now represented by a well known modeling agency shows how much is changing in the fashion world. And it makes me damn proud.

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Tara Lynn covers S Moda

Tara Lynn

‘Women are happy to see someone they can identify with’

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This Girl Can: ‘I jiggle therefore I am’

This girl can

It was one of my closest friends who posted this amazing video campaign on her Facebook page. I instantly fell in love. ‘I jiggle therefore I am’, says it all. And Missy Elliot’s ‘Get ur freak on’ is the perfect soundtrack.

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Thursday Thunder: Carina Behrens

Carina Behrens

‘It is good to see that you don’t have to be a size zero anymore to find a place in the fashion industry’

It’s been a while but Thursday Thunder is back! This is my way of applauding women I find inspiring. This week the gorgeous Carina Behrens shares her thoughts on confidence and curves. She lives in Germany and has been modeling for 4,5 years now. The last two years she’s been working fulltime as a model. We’ve worked together a couple of times and she’s an absolute sweetheart.

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Badadadaboem: Gabi Fresh knocks ’em all out

Gabi Fresh

So it’s Winter. I’m in hibernation mode. And in comes Gabi Fresh and her new collection for Swimsuits for All. Today her pictures literally broke the internet. Her site could barely handle all the traffic.

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