Month: October 2014

Women Who Rock: model Marlous van Zee

Marlous van Zee

I’m proud to say that the third episode of the NSMBL series ‘Women Who Rock’ is online! I’ve collaborated with Anna Nooshin on this project and I am very happy with the results. Read More

Research about body confidence: The heartbreaking truth

research body confidence

How do you feel about your body? The American Glamour compared their research from 30 years ago with the answers of their readers today. Guess what? We’re less happy today…
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Outfit: Autumn Jungle

autumn jungle

Since it’s Fall I like to get inspired by Fall colours. I’ve mixed it up with al little bit of jungle fever.
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Two decades of dieting (and feeling like sh*t)


I was 11 when I first started dieting. My body suddenly got curvy and I was like: Excuse me? Where did my ribs go? Read More

Women Who Rock: model Danielle van Grondelle

model Danielle van Grondelle

The term ‘plus size’ confuses people a lot. Especially when it comes to plus size models with size 10, 12 or 14. A lot of people don’t consider this plus size. I collaborated with Anna Nooshin from NSMBL on a special project about confidence and plus size models. Read More

How to like yourself

how to like yourself

I want to share with you a couple of ways to feel better about yourself. Remember everything takes time but small steps are steps too. Don’t think the way you handle things is not good enough, because it is. When you look at yourself in a loving and kind way and learn how to like yourself, life literally gets easier. Pinky promise.
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Dove: what’s your mom’s legacy?


When it comes to body positivity our moms play an important part in the way we look at ourselves. I believe that a mom with a positive body image helps to set a solid foundation for a child’s body image. That’s why I really like this short video from Dove.

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Carmakoma Resort ’15


I absolutely love the Carmakoma Resort ’15 collection. Featuring the lovely Fluvia Lacerda. I just had to share. We’ll have to wait for two seasons but I need to get my hands on these in Spring. Read More

Lena Dunham: Not that kind of girl

Lena Dunham

I have a thing for Lena Dunham. I love ‘Girls’. And when I heard that Lena was writing a book –and sold the rights for 3,7 million (wow!) – I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. After reading ‘Not that kind of girl’ I think I love Lena a little bit more. Read More

Interview: Danielle van Grondelle

Danielle van Grondelle

She’s one of my closest friends and a true inspiration for me as a woman. Danielle is one of the most positive people I’ve ever met. About 1,5 years ago she moved to New York. I remember shedding tears on the airport but I’m so proud of the way she is building her career. Obviously, my first interview for THE PUBLISIZED had to be with my girl: Danielle van Grondelle.

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